Daria Pašalić
Department of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry
Zagreb University School of Medicine
Šalata ul 2.
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 (1) 4590 205; +385 (1) 4566 940
E-mail: dariapasalic [at] gmail [dot] com

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Table of contents
Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3)
Ana-Maria Simundic, Marijana Miler, Nora Nikolac, Dubravka Cvoriscec, Elizabeta Topic. Biochemia Medica celebrates its first impact factor. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):277.
Special issue: Responsible writing in science
Lidija Bilic-Zulle. Responsible writing in science. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):279-81.
Ana Marusic. Editors as gatekeepers of responsible science. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):282-7.
Vedran Katavic. Responsible conduct of research: Do we need training in fraud-science? Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):288-94.
Miguel Roig. Plagiarism and self-plagiarism: What every author should know. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):295-300.
Rubén Comas-Forgas, Jaume Sureda-Negre, Francesca Salva-Mut. Academic plagiarism prevalence among Spanish undergraduate students: an exploratory analysis. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):301-6.
Vanja Pupovac, Lidija Bilic-Zulle, Martina Mavrinac, Mladen Petrovecki. Attitudes toward plagiarism among pharmacy and medical biochemistry students – cross-sectional survey study. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):307-13.
Donatella Verbanac. Predictive methods as a powerful tool in drug discovery. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):314-8.
Dario Sambunjak, Livia Puljak. Cochrane systematic review as a PhD thesis: an alternative with numerous advantages. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):319-26.
Original scientific article
Giovanni Introcaso, Monica Raggi, Tiziana D’Errico, Annalisa Cavallero. Short-term increases of plasma cardiac troponin I are better evaluated by comparison with the reference change value. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):327-33.
Original professional article
Jasna Juricek, Lovorka Derek, Adriana Unic, Tihana Serdar, Domagoj Marijancevic, Marcela Zivkovic, Zeljko Romic. Analytical evaluation of the clinical chemistry analyzer Olympus AU2700 plus. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):334-40.
Shaip Krasniqi, Markus Zeitlinger, Steffen Bauer. Comparison between the immunoassay and high performance liquid chromatography for therapeutic monitoring of carbamazepine and phenytoine. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(3):341-49.

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