Daria Pašalić
Department of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry
Zagreb University School of Medicine
Šalata ul 2.
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 (1) 4590 205; +385 (1) 4566 940
E-mail: dariapasalic [at] gmail [dot] com

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Table of contents
Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3)
Ana-Maria Simundic. Biochemia Medica appoints Research integrity editor. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):271.
Simone Zerah, Janet Murray, Andrea Rita Horvath. EFLM Position Statement – Our profession now has a European name: Specialist in Laboratory Medicine. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):272-3.
Xavier Fuentes-Arderiu. Taxonomy of quantities. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):274-5.
Lessons in biostatistics
Marry L. McHugh. Interrater reliability: the kappa statistic. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):276-82.
Gavin A. Bewick. Bowels control brain: gut hormones and obesity. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):283-97.
Renata Zadro, Desiree Coen Herak. Inherited prothrombotic risk factors in children with first ischemic stroke. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):298-310.
Leida Tandara, Ilza Salamunic. Iron metabolism: current facts and future decisions. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):311-28.
Emmanuel J. Favaloro, Giuseppe Lippi. The new oral anticoagulants and the future of haemostasis laboratory testing. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):329-41.
Original paper
Gabriel Lima-Oliveira, Giuseppe Lippi, Gian Luca Salvagno, Martina Montagnana, Geraldo Picheth, Gian Cesare Guidi. Impact of the phlebotomy training based on CLSI/NCCLS H03-A6 – procedures for the collection of diagnostic blood. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):342-51.
Eva Fliser, Ksenija Jerkovic, Tanja Vidovic, Maksimilijan Gorenjak. Investigation of unusual high serum indices for lipemia in clear serum samples on Siemens analysers Dimension. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):352-64.
Zoltan Locsei, Istvan Szabolcs, Karoly Racz, Gabor L. Kovacs, Dora Horvath, Erzsebet Toldy. Serum thyroglobulin antibody levels within or near to the reference range may interfere with thyroglobulin measurement. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):365-372.
Case report
Wibke Johannis, Jenny Blommer, Andreas R. Klatt, Joerg H. Renno, Klaus Wielckens. Gamma heavy chain disease in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis – a laboratory evaluation. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):373-9.
Luigi M. Castello, Sophie Negro, Francesca Santi, Isabella Zanotti, Matteo Vidali, Marco Bagnati, Giorgio Bellomo, Gian Carlo Avanzi. Accidental digitoxin intoxication: an interplay between laboratory and clinical medicine. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):380-4.
23rd Symposium of the Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine: Tuberculous infection – continuous challenge. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):A17-A20.
2nd European Joint Congress of EFLM and UEMS and 7th Congress of the Croatian Society for Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory medicine (CSMBLM): Laboratory Medicine at the Clinical Interface. Biochemia Medica 2012;22(3):A21-A204.
-          Plenary lectures
-          Pre-congress CSMBLM symposium lectures
-          Symposium lectures
-          Posters:
o        P01 - Accreditation and laboratory management
o        P02 – Cardiovascular diseases
o        P03 – Clinical chemistry 1
o        P04 – Clinical chemistry 2
o        P05 – Diabetes mellitus
o        P06 – Education
o        P07 – Endocrinology
o        P08 – Evaluation of analytical systems
o        P09 – Haematology 1
o        P10 – Haematology 2
o        P11 – Immunology
o        P12 – Kidney diseases
o        P13 – Lung, liver and gastrointestinal diseases
o        P14 – Microbiology - Infection
o        P15 – Molecular diagnosis 1
o        P16 – Molecular diagnosis 2
o        P17 – Oncology - Tumor marker 1
o        P18 – Oncology - Tumor marker 2
o        P19 – Pregnancy
o        P20 – Renal replacement
o        P21 – Toxicology and TDM
o        P22 – Vitamin D - PTH


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