Daria Pašalić
Department of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry
Zagreb University School of Medicine
Šalata ul 2.
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 (1) 4590 205; +385 (1) 4566 940
E-mail: dariapasalic [at] gmail [dot] com

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Table of contents
Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1)
Ana-Maria Simundic. Biochemia Medica indexed in PubMed Central (PMC). Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):5.
Ana-Maria Simundic. Preanalytical Phase – an updated review of the current evidence. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):6.
Joseph Watine. Why would medical publishers not incorporate core bioethical values into their Ethics Guidelines? Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):7-11.
Lessons in biostatistics
Sandro Sperandei. Understanding logistic regression analysis. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):12-8. 
Research integrity corner
Natasha Das, Saurendra Das. Hiring a professional medical writer: is it equivalent to ghostwriting? Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):19-24.
Walter G. Guder. History of the preanalytical phase: a personal view. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):25-30.
Raffick A.R. Bowen, Alan T. Remaley. Interferences from blood collection tube components on clinical chemistry assays. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):31-44.
Gabriella De Carli, Dominique Abiteboul, Vincenzo Puro. The importance of implementing safe sharps practices in the laboratory setting in Europe. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):45-56.
Nora Nikolac. Lipemia: causes, interference mechanisms, detection and management. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):57-67.
Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, Giuseppe Lippi. Physical activity - an important preanalytical variable. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):68-79.
Giuseppe Lippi, Massimo Daves, Camilla Mattiuzzi. Interference of medical contrast media on laboratory testing. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):80-8.
Joris Delanghe, Marijn Speeckaert. Preanalytical requirements of urinalysis. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):89-104.
Mario Plebani, Laura Sciacovelli, Ada Aita, Maria Laura Chiozza. Harmonization of pre-analytical quality indicators. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):105-13.
Gunn B.B. Kristensen, Kristin Moberg Aakre, Ann Helen Kristoffersen, Sverre Sandberg. How to conduct External Quality Assessment Schemes for the pre-analytical phase? Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):114-22.
Lara Milevoj Kopcinovic, Jelena Culej. Pleural, peritoneal and pericardial effusions – a biochemical approach. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):123-37.
Original paper
Meltem Kilercik, Abdurrahman Coskun, Mustafa Serteser, Deniz Inan, Ibrahim Unsal. Biological variations of ADAMTS13 and von Willebrand factor in human adults. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):138-45.
Lora Dukić, Ana-Maria Šimundić, Davorin Malogorski. Comparison of digoxin concentration in plastic serum tubes with clot activator and heparinized plasma tubes. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):146-50.
Case report
Gianluca Caridi, Monica Dagnino, Omer Erdeve, Marco Di Duca, Duran Yildiz, Serdar Alan, Begum Atasay, Saadet Arsan, Monica Campagnoli, Monica Galliano, Lorenzo Minchiotti. Congenital analbuminemia caused by a novel aberrant splicing in the albumin gene. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):151-8.
Silvia Izquierdo Álvarez, Eva Barrio Ollero, Francisco Miguel Llinares Sanjuan, Fabiola Lorente Martínez, María Teresa Calvo Martín. A deep vein thrombosis caused by 20209C>T mutation in homozygosis of the prothrombin gene in a Caucasian patient. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):159-66.
Kritsada Singha, Goonnapa Fucharoen, Supan Fucharoen. Interaction of hemoglobin Grey Lynn (Vientiane) with a non-deletional α+-thalassemia in an adult Thai proband. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):167-74.
Matteo Vidali, Vincenza Bianchi, Marco Bagnati, Nadia Atzeni, Andrea Marco Bianchi, Giorgio Bellomo. False negativity to carbohydrate-deficient transferrin and drugs: a clinical case. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):175-9.
Fethullah Gerin, Dilber Coban Ramazan, Ozgur Baykan, Onder Sirikci, Goncagul Haklar. Abnormal gel flotation in a patient with apperant pneumonia diagnosis: a case report. Biochemia Medica 2014;24(1):180-2.