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Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2)





Vesna Supak-Smolcic, Ana-Maria Simundic, George David Lundberg. Identification of authors without surnames: is ORCID the right way forward? Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):147-9.

Lessons in biostatistics

Cristiano Ialongo. Understanding the effect size and its measures.Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):150-63.

Research integrity corner

V. Raveenthiran. Insensitivity of editors and indexers regarding the cultural variations of authors’ surnames. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):164-8.
Armen Yuri Gasparyan, Marlen Yessirkepov, Alexey N. Gerasimov, Elena I. Kostyukova, George D. Kitas. Scientific author names: errors, corrections, and identity profiles. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):169-73.


Ana Marušić. What’s in a name? The problem of authors’ names in research articles. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):174-5.

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Farrokh Habibzadeh. What’s in a name, anyway? Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):176-7.

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Yasemin Ustundag Budak, Murat Polat, Kagan Huysal. The use of platelet indices, plateletcrit, mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width in emergency non-traumatic abdominal surgery: a systematic review. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):178-93.

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Original papers


Lucius C Imoh, Mubanga Mutale, Christopher T Parker, Rajiv T Erasmus, Annalise E Zemlin. Laboratory-based clinical audit as a tool for continual improvement: an example from CSF chemistry turnaround time audit in a South-African teaching hospital. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):194-201.

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Güzin Aykal, Ayşenur Yegin, Özgür Tekeli, Necat Yilmaz. A model for managing and monitoring the quality of glucometers used in a high-volume clinical setting. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):202-9.


Ebubekir Bakan, Harun Polat, Yesim Ozarda, Nurinnisa Ozturk, Nurcan Kilic Baygutalp, Fatma Zuhal Umudum, Nuri Bakan. A reference interval study for common biochemical analytes in Eastern Turkey: a comparison of a reference population with laboratory data mining. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):210-23.

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Merve Kaymak Ekşioğlu, Özlem Çakır Madenci, Nihal Yücel, Abdullah Elçi, Bülent Turhan, Gani Orhan, Asuman Orçun. The effectiveness of BD Vacutainer® Plus Urinalysis Preservative Tubes in preservation of urine for chemical strip analysis and particle counting. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):224-32.



Tze Ping Loh, Xiong Chang Lim, Karize Kieu, Haressh Sajiir, Siew Fong Neo, Wan Ling Cheng, Sunil Kumar Sethi. Recovery of spiked troponin I in four routine assays. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):233-9.


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Short communication


Valéry Brunel, Agnès Lahary, Abdeslam Chagraoui, Christian Thuillez. Haemoglobin J-Baltimore can be detected by HbA1c electropherogram but with underestimated HbA1c value. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):240-2.


Maria Salinas, Maite López-Garrigós, Emilio Flores, Maria Leiva-Salinas, Rosa Lillo, Carlos Leiva-Salinas. Additional technician tasks and turnaround time in the clinical Stat laboratory. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):243-7.


Case report


Sandra Margetić, Ivana Ćelap, Lora Dukić, Ines Vukasović, Lucija Virović-Jukić. Interference of M-protein on prothrombin time test – case report. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):248-54.


Damien Denimal, Louise Ménégaut, Cédric Rossi, Laurence Duvillard, David Masson. Extreme hyperferritinemia in the setting of acute myeloid leukaemia: a case report of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):255-9.


Janice Milliere, Daryl Corriveau, Malvinder S. Parmar. Pseudohypernatremia secondary to trisodium citrate (Citra-LockTM). Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):260-3.

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Gianluca Caridi, Elif Yilmaz Gulec, Monica Campagnoli, Francesca Lugani, Hasan Onal, Duzgun Kilic, Monica Galliano, Lorenzo Minchiotti. A nucleotide deletion and frame-shift cause analbuminemia in a Turkish family. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):264-71.


Philipp Scholz, Markus Auler, Bent Brachvogel, Thomas Benzing, Peter Mallman, Thomas Streichert, Andreas R. Klatt. Detection of multiple annexin autoantibodies in a patient with recurrent miscarriages, fulminant stroke and seronegative antiphospholipid syndrome. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):272-8.


Saša Anžej Doma, Andreas Hillarp, Tadej Pajič, Dušan Andoljšek, Peter Černelč, Irena Preložnik Zupan. Concurrent acquired inhibitors to factor VIII and IX, a laboratory artifact: a case report. Biochemia Medica 2016;26(2):279-84.


Instruction to authors

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