Pre-congress symposium

Marijana Miler. 10 most common mistakes when writing a scientific paper. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-1.

Nora Nikolac Gabaj. (Mis)use of statistics in scientific publishing. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-2.

Vesna Šupak Smolčić. What does salami have to do with science? Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-3.

Ana Turčić. Where to submit my paper? Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-4.


Young scientists pre-congress symposium

Ena Melvan. Personalized diet based on the gut microbiota profile. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-YS-1.

Ada Aita, Andrea Padoan, Nicole Contran, Stefania Moz, Filippo Navaglia, Chiara Cosma, Mario Plebani, Daniela Basso. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the laboratory: experience from the University-Hospital of Padova. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-YS-2.

Iva Bilandžija Kuš. Challenges in introducing the expanded newborn screening in Croatia. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-YS-3.

Tara Rolić. Everything is easier when you are young: personal experiences of involvement in professional activities. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PCS-YS-4.


Plennary lecture

Sverre Sandberg. Is external quality control (EQA) useful? Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PL-1.

Ana-Maria Šimundić. There is a leader in every specialist in laboratory medicine. Let’s wake him up! Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):PL-2.


Symposium lectures

S1 – New technologies in laboratory medicine. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl1):S26-S32.

S2 – Application of data science in laboratory diagnostics improvement. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl1):S33-S35.

S3 – News in hematology. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl1):S36-S44.

S4 – A modern laboratory and a medical biochemist in it. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl1):S45-S50.

S5 – Laboratory diagnostics in pediatrics. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl1):S51-S57.

S6 – Thyroid hormone analysis: challenges and solutions. Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl1):S58-S63.


Poster abstracts

Poster abstracts;Biochemia Medica 2022;32(Suppl 1):S64-S232.



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