García-del-Pino, Bauça, Gómez, Caballero, Llopis, Ibarz, Martínez, Ventura, Marzana, Puente, Segovia, Salas, and Gómez-Rioja: Corrigendum to: Preanalytical issues related to routine and diagnostic glucose tests: Results from a survey in Spain

This is a correction of Biochem Med (Zagreb) 2020;30(1):010704. DOI: BM.2020.010704

Since the publication of the article, the authors have noticed an error in Table 3, Question 5. The correct Table is presented below. The authors apologize for any inconvenience caused to the readers.

Table 3

Information about diagnostic tests

Question 1: Where do you perform OGTT?
At the laboratory 68
At peripheral facilities 9
GDM Screening at peripheral facilities, OGTT at the laboratory 19
Other 4
Question 2: Treatment of OGTT samples:
Centrifugation after each collection, analysis 75
RT, centrifugation after last collection, analysis 20
Refrigerated, centrifugation after the last collection, analysis 5
Other 0
Question 3: What reference values do you use for routine fasting glucose test in adults?
3.9 - 6.05 mmol/L, WHO; 1999 50
3.9 - 5.6 mmol/L, ADA; 2003 34
Other 16
Question 4: What cut-off value do you use in OGTT to diagnose DM in adults?
Fast 8h/OGTT 75g/Glucose 2h 11.1 mmol/L 100
Other 0
Question 5: What cut-off value do you use in OGTT for impaired glucose tolerance?
Fast 8h/OGTT 75g/Glucose 2h 7.8 -11.1 mmol/L 98
Other 2
Question 6: What cut-offs value do you use to diagnose GDM?
ONE STEP: 24-28 week, fast 8h/OGTT 75g/ Basal 7.0 mmol/L; 2h 7.8 mmol/L, WHO; 1999 12
ONE STEP: 24-28 week, fast 8h/ OGTT 75g/ Basal 5.1 mmol/L; 1h 10.0 mmol/L; 2h 8.5 mmol/L, IADPSG;2010, ADA; 2016 10
TWO STEPS: 24-28 week. STEP 1: O’Sullivan test OGO 50g/ 1h glucose 7.8 mmol/L; STEP 2: Fast 8h/OGTT 100g/ Basal 5.8 mmol/L; 1h 10.6 mmol/L; 2h 9.2 mmol/L; 3h 8.0 mmol/L, NDDG; 1979, ADA; 2016, GEDE;2006 56
TWO STEPS: STEP 1: O’Sullivan OGO 50g/ 1h 7.8 mmol/L; STEP 2: fast 8h/OGTT 100 g/ Basal 5.3 mmol/L; 1h 10.0 mmol/L; 2h 8.6 mmol/L; 3h 7.8 mmol/L, Carpenter/Coustan; 1982, ADA; 2016 12
Other* 10
Results are presented as percentage. *Laboratories using two criteria of the previous ones: 4%. Only O’Sullivan test 6%. WHO -
World Health Organization. ADA - American Diabetes Association. OGTT - Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. NDDG - National Diabetes
Data Group. GEDE - Spanish Group of Diabetes and Pregnancy. OGO - Oral glucose overload. IADPSG - International Association of
Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group.